Miles for Scotch & Soda


Miles for Scotch & Soda

My sexuality: Gabriele Dell’Otto drawing Logan’s hair. 

Sebastian Stan photographed by Santiago Sierra 


Process for a Genesis Page, form pencils to final.


Evolución de página y resultado final para Genesis de Nathan Edmondson y Alison Sampson. Tenéis una entrevista a esta última aquí mismo

Thank you for translating, Zona Negativa, it was a pleasire


Found this old Batman. Loved this one.


Found this old Batman. Loved this one.


I was checking my files on my computer and…Oh… I found the steps of my last big Mass Effect fanart *cry*

Best size —-> HERE

I hope to do more fanarts (games and animes) after finish my own artworks!













"male genitalia"

ummm no how about we put this artist in the trash where they fucking belong because they are trash

Being ignorant isn’t the same thing as being an asshole or a trashy person.

Being ignorant simply means they didn’t know. They didn’t know they were doing anything wrong, and it absolutely does not mean that they don’t plan to keep it in mind in the future.

How about before condemning people for not being enlightened towards a certain topic, we educate them so they know they were doing something wrong?

education? okay, lets start with yours:

  1. intent doesn’t matter, ignorance is as violent as malevolence
  2. i’m not obligated to be nice to transmisogynists or to tolerate transmisogyny in any way
  3. i am not an educational fucking resource, and i am not here to be someone else’s learning experience
  4. you have no right to tone police me to tell me how to be angry

now get the fuck off my blog

You didn’t even try to keep the “let’s start with your education” shtick up…

  1. That’s true, I give you that. However once again, this cycle will continue through the rest of time until the general public is educated. 
  2. No you don’t, but you also are not obligated to be downright toxic to somebody that didn’t know any better. Being hateful to someone in this situation in this degree is no different than being a terrible person to a small child that didn’t know she shouldn’t be writing on the wall
  3. Dehumanizing yourself in this bullet is nobody’s fault but your own. I never called you a resource, or a learning experience, nor did I imply it. I was going along the lines of teacher. Refer to #1 for more information as to why it’s generally a good thing to take some time to talk to a person before shitting on them.
  4. Also true, I don’t have any right. But think about your following, and think about how they listen to everything you’re saying, and think about how you’re perpetuating this cycle of hate, instead of taking efforts to stop it, which is what I assume you would be for. You’re not just being angry and hateful. You’re being angry and hateful with an audience.

Which in turn has made this angry blogger the ignorant one in the situation. It totally came full circle

The ability of some people to get offended by things on tumblr and bring down hell on some blogger or artist - Wowzer.   Just how ugly and self-righteous can some people can be?  Tumblr brings out the worst in folks.  Apologies to choco, that her art could be so horribly misinterpreted and twisted by such a person who lacks the ability to conduct themselves with even a modicum of humanity.

Best response

this made me laugh.

I was this close to deleting all that unnecessary shit above but then I saw the response.


She-Hulk #6!!! ;)


She-Hulk #6!!! ;)


Comics Art by Gabriele Dell’Otto

Oh yeah! I fully chopped all my hair off. 15” pony tail for A Child’s Voice Foundation

it’s so long.. but i have so little hair =.=

i haven’t had short hair in years, so i don’t know what to do with it yet. 
sooo i guess selfie.. my stupid face under the cut. 

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I went to shopping with my mom and sister this weekend. I usually hate shopping, especially when I have nothing I really need, but it was a nice time spent with my family. 

Then, in the middle of H&M, in the women’s department, these guys were just hanging out, leaning on the racks, in everyone’s freakin way. And this was their conversation:

White guy: Have you ever seen me hang out with a girl that I didn’t sleep with?

Non-white friend: So stop sleeping with them.

Guy: But like, I need to get something out of a relationship. 

Friend: Uh, how about their friendship????

Guy: Ugh, no. 

Friend: Are you kidding me, right now?


Then I went to get ice cream at the food court, and cut off all my hair. 

To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you, also, what, when, why, how, look, because, never

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